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When an employee is injured on the job, proceed with the following:

  1. Contact a preferred urgent care facility by telephone prior to sending the injured worker.
    • Inform the urgent care that you have an injured worker coming and that S & C Claims Services is the claims administrator.
  2. If a worker is seriously injured and needs immediate care or is transported by
    ambulance, the employer should have a co-worker or supervisor go with the injured worker to assist the injured worker with any insurance-related information the medical provider may require.

    • If possible, the injured worker must return to your office or job site after seeing the doctor and give you the doctor’s signed return to work slip or disability slip.
  3. If there is a serious injury, notify S & C Claims Services immediately by telephone at 1-800- 289-4502.
  4. It is necessary for the employer fill out the required Form C3 and notify us immediately. Please forward the return to work/disability slip from the doctor to S & C Claims Services as soon as possible.

Required State Forms

Medical Provider Network

Please send the Form C3 and the medical slip to:

7881 W. Charleston Blvd., Suite 210
Las Vegas, NV 89117
Telephone (702) 873-5115 Toll free (800) 362- 5198
Fax (702) 876-5584