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S&C Claims Services, Inc., a third-party administrator (T.P.A.), provides proactive workers’ compensation claims administration with an emphasis on expediting services for eligible injured workers. Proactive claims administration assists legitimate injured workers by securing the best medical care in a timely manner and encourages a quick return to work with the optimal outcome from medical treatment.


S&C Claims Services, Inc. is fully aware of the fact that every dollar spent on workers’ compensation comes directly off the employer’s bottom line. We are committed to working closely with employers and risk management to save every dollar legally possible. Our proactive claims administration can save workers’ compensation costs and we have the track record to prove it. Our claims administration process:


Legitimate injured workers should be treated fairly, and given the best treatment available. We work closely with the injured worker and the employer in returning the injured worker to a productive position as quickly as possible. This approach assists injured workers in the healing process and greatly reduces the possibility of excessive costs.


We investigate questionable claims as quickly as possible and work to expose and eradicate fraudulent claims. We offer a full line of professional investigative services to accomplish this:

Throughout the claims process, S&C Claims Services, Inc. provides reports to fit your needs. Our reports are:


Our friendly and competent staff is always willing to assist employers, claimants, medical providers, and attorneys with any issue pertaining to workers’ compensation.